What’s in my monthly newsletter?

What’s in the monthly newsletter?-

I enjoy sharing about the life I live as a new author. My newsletter shares funny situations, challenging aspects and disappointments experienced in a monthly newsletter.

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• Where ideas come from

• Reviews- and how important they are.

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• Opportunities for you to share with me, I will reply. You never know, your comments may appear in a newsletter and on my webpage. I enjoy posting photos of readers holding my novels.

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An example of newsletter content

Book Release Celebration at Noosa Domain Village 24th September 2016

The Fortune Seekers has been released. It was a fun time of seriously celebrating the publishing journey with local authors and invited readers.

Five local authors came together and provided an interesting book display for visitors to browse. Books from each author were snapped up, with each author personally signing copies.

It was a fun time. Invited author friends displaying their books, chatting with attendees while supping champagne and nibbling on nibbles. Questions were answered, excerpts read.

My hard covers and Paperbacks were on display – I practiced my signature for guests dedication. This historic moment was enjoyed by over fifty guests, and always will be an important memory in my life.

Five Queensland guest authors who took a major part in the release and book displays were-

Jack Kregas – Brisbane author

Author of hedonistic pursuits and squandered opportunities -“It’s all about me” and a few others.

And “It’s not only about me” -my life in transition.

Decadence, determination compete with rules, responsibilities and conflict.

Jacks new book is being released this week. Book signings available. “Mystical Glasses”

Anne Moorhouse – Buderim author

Author of “Searching for Family.”

Spanning seven decades from 1916, beginning in a small Yorkshire coal mining town.

It tells of a strong love that binds family together.

Following the life of one member -personal disaster and the effects of World War II.

With two self-published books, based on events she discovered through her family history research.

Her forthcoming work ‘My Sunshine Coast’ is her first venture into non-fiction and should be released on October.

Jo Kadlecek – Noosa author

Author of – “When Girls Became Lions” (Book Baby Press) and is the first of its kind – a celebration of women’s friendships against the backdrop of U.S. Sport history.

Another book is “Woman Overboard: How Passion Saved My Life”- (Fresh Air Books), is a memoir.

Jo has published 16 books of memoir, fiction and non fiction, and loves her new gig as a writing coach in Noosa.

Michael Donovan – Noosaville author

An amazing story of a childhood in Australia.

To deal-making in Hollywood – organising world-wide art events – to intrigue at the Vatican – to UNESCO startup – and more.

Michael’s memoir is a richotet of achievements, putting paid to the notion of career planning.

The book details journeys over the years of achievements and failures.

To have the person tell his story is absolutely insightful.

Myself- Glennis Browne

Author of newly published historical Australian fiction – The Fortune Seekers

Historical fiction adventure story in Wales, England and Australia.

Synopsis of the novel

In the 1800s the population were controlled by strict religious rules that cause emotional challenges for Dan Mathews living in Wales.

He addresses faith, God, expectations and biblical interpretation of the non conformist Calvinists – finding he can’t go along with these teachings.

We explore his journey and follow his journey to freedom.

Charlotte, a vivacious English girl comes face to face with societies social expectations.

The teaching of Charles Darwin causes family upheavel and shame.

Follow this couple as they grapple with issues. Eventually meeting in Australia.

Discover the life of families seeking fortunes in the gold rush years.

Based on real lives – although written as fiction.

It is a 600 page novel – two stories in one. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

The Fortune Seekers

The hard covers and Paperbacks will be on display – and I’m practicing my signature for your dedication.

Come and share this historic moment in the life of this new author – me.

The Fortune Seekers was available in hard cover and paper back at a discount price for those attending.

Invited author friends displayed their books, and chatted with guests. Answering questions, reading excerpts, and signing their novels.

Credit card facilities were available and also cash.

Guests met the authors, shook. their hands, took photos of the authors and their books – after having their new books signed

Meet the Authors at Noosa Domain Village 24th September. 35 Walter Hay Drive, Noosaville 4566, Sunshine Coast

Guests and local authors mingled, networking together, -promoting and encouraging each other’s massive achievement in writing and publishing books.
All were indie- self publishing authors. Answering the driving call to write.

Cash or Cards – Credit card facilities were available

The Fortune Seekers – is  available now

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